Energy First Impact Later

The Way to Play


Power without Control is nothing,

Control without Balance is nothing,

Balance without Discipline is nothing.

Control Time, Control Efforts, Control Emotions 

Stability, Structure and Rhythm,

Mobility, Speed and Pressure,

Control, Manipulate and Release.

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There is always room for improvement at all skill levels. I pride myself on being a very patient teacher, who recognizes each student’s strengths and areas that need improvement. I develop a program catered to each individual’s learning style and skill level – from beginner to the more experienced player. During each lesson, you will receive step-by-step instructions. We will go over all areas of the game including: long game, short game, bunker shots, pitching, chipping, and putting. In addition, during course lessons, I teach course management, how to play under various conditions, golf etiquette, and rules. We will also work on the proper mind-set and emotional approach to the game. Modern technology is used during range lessons. I will capture your swing on video for review, and numerous golf training aids are utilized. For juniors: it is important to garner a strong interest in and respect for the game. It is also a must for the students to enjoy themselves while learning the fundamentals. As they say, “practice makes permanent,” and this is the perfect time to learn the proper swing and course management techniques. This is a game that the junior can play for a lifetime.   

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