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Energy First, Impact Later The Way to Play

Energy First, Impact Later The Way to Play

Power without Control is nothing,
Control without Balance is nothing,
Balance without Discipline is nothing.
Control Time, Control Efforts, Control Emotions
Stability, Structure and Rhythm,
Mobility, Speed and Pressure,
Control, Manipulate and Release.

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There is always room for improvement at all skill levels

We pride on being instructors who recognize each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. We develop a program catered to your individual learning style and skill level – beginner to experienced player. During each lesson, you will receive step-by-step instructions. We will go over all areas of the game including long game, short game, bunker shots, pitching, chipping, and putting. We also teach course management – how to play under various conditions, golf etiquette, and rules. 

We will also work on the proper mind-set and emotional approach to the game

Modern technology is used during range lessons. We will capture your swings on video for review.  For juniors, it is important to garner a strong interest in and respect for the game. It is also a must for the students to enjoy themselves while learning the fundamentals. As they say, “practice makes permanent,” and this is the perfect time to learn the proper swing and course management techniques. This is a game that the junior can play for a lifetime.

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Lawrence golf philosophy is just what I needed to turn my golf game around. Within in the first session, he was able to improve my swing. I enjoy the golf drills and look forward to trying out my new skills on the course soon. Money well spent. You will not be disappointed, if you’re open to a different philosophy…it’s about the swing!

Tanya W.


Lawrence is an amazing teacher. He helped me understand why I kept slicing the ball the to the right and showed me how to correct it. After just a few lessons I went from being frustrated with golf to really enjoying the practice of not using my arms to power the ball but adjusting my stance, grip, swing, hip rotation and follow through. He will film your swing and show you side by side how just a few changes can get you to where you want to be. Lawrence always sends me my videos as reference and sends me home with practice moves and exercises I can do to aid in my golf swing. Thank you Lawrence!! Highly recommend! Check out his youtube channel at Energy First Golf!

Elaine P.


Lawrence was very clear cut in his instructions and stressed the importance of fundamentals. I have seen improvement in my golf game in just one lesson.

Alex L.


Lawrence gave informative, exact instruction on the golf swing! His approach allows the student to immediately apply and see the difference! I highly recommend EFIL golf!

Martin W.


Lawrence’s teaching style and view on a golf swing are very intuitive. I like that he’s focused on energy and the swing itself, and after one lesson I’m already thinking about my swing differently and making good improvement strides. Would recommend Lawrence to other intermediate golfers in a heartbeat!

Morgan P.


I’ve played golf for 35 years. I am self taught and shoot in the mid 80’s. After one lesson from Lawrence, I now have the consistency to my game sorely lacked. I no longer grind thru a frustrating round. My mind is “free” to enjoy the game again. Thanks Lawrence!!

Randy O.


My first 1hr lesson was more than I could ask for. The method and the analogies used to convey the concepts and ideas resonated with me. I had to unlearn some assumptions and now have a start to a foundation of my golf game.

Danny B.


Lawrence is a great golf profesional. His calm demeanor and patience puts you at ease which is critical for golf. He was able to find my faults almost immediately. I had 3 lessons with him and I left with a clear understanding on what I needed to do to improve my game!

Christian C.


Lawrence is an exceptional teacher and has a unique ability to illustrate why we develop particular habits in golf that hinder our progress. The various packages are of excellent value and scheduling lessons is always a hassle free process as he is very flexible and punctual. I feel as though I am continuing to improve with each lesson and look forward to many more lessons with Lawrence in the future.

Krishan A.