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Free video swing analysis*

Hello. Welcome to Efil golf video swing analysis offer.

Efil golf offers golf swing breakdown and analysis based on Efil golf teaching system.


Here is how to video your swing:

  1. You can use any video camera or cell phone to provide a video of your swing. You can swing on the mat or grass, make sure it’s flat surface
  2. The rear view: The camera should be behind you, with your grip position in the middle of the frame. Video the set up and address, back swing, down swing and finish. (you should have a picture or short video to show exactly what this should look like.)
  3. Down the line or side view: Once you set up to hit the ball if you look up you should be looking directly at your camera. Your grip position should be in the middle of the frame.  Video the set up and address, back swing, down swing and finish.  (same thing here).
  4. Once you have the video you will need to upload it to an online storage app. Once uploaded, share the video with us – videos@efilgolf.com.  To share the video hover over the video and right click.  A menu will appear.  Share should be an option once an email address will be specified.
  5. We will work diligently to provide your marked up video within 3 business days. You will receive an email with a link to the shared file.  We will erase the video within 10 days of sending the email.  In addition we might recommend video episodes on the Efil Golf Channel on YouTube channel so that you can get a more complete idea of your golf swing.

Some info about online storage:

If you have an android device Google drive would be an obvious choice as you already have a google drive app on your phone.  Look for a collection of Google Apps on your phone.  Google drive is an app in that collection.

If you have an apple device then ______________ is an obvious choice.

Microsoft also has a storage app – OneDrive.

Any online storage app will work, as long as you can share the video with us using our email address and we can download the video for modification.