Meet the Team


Meet Lawrence

Lawrence is a Master Golf Teaching Professional and Titleist Performance Institute Certified with over 16 years of experience teaching both children and adults of all skill levels. He received his teaching certificate from the renowned United States Golf Teachers Federation, and has been instructed by one of the top 50 golf instructors in the United States. He has played in numerous local tournaments, including professional and charity events. He has scored many rounds in the 60’s.

He believes the game of golf is both fun and challenging and everyone can enjoy and excel at the game with proper instruction and practice.

He is also a National Federation of Professional Trainers certified fitness trainer. He has over 20 years fitness experience. His experience in fitness training is an asset for teaching modern day golf swing fundamentals and mechanics. His understanding of how the body performs an athletic movement is essential to his teaching methods and theory.

Lawrence and Jason met in the spring of 2019. At that time, Jason was just picking up golf. He
was a total beginner and wanted to find a great golf coach. He wanted to find a teacher that was really as good as they sounded in their reviews. As Jason was in the process of searching for a golf coach, he noticed that all the local coaches had excellent reviews. Jason wanted to find out who would be the best coach for him.

As he looked deeper, he noticed that Lawrence’s teaching philosophy and principles were not like the others. To make an informed decision, Jason set up 3 different appointments with 3 different coaches, including Lawrence.


The decision he made after the 3 appointments changed his life forever. When he met Lawrence for the first appointment (lesson), Lawrence convinced him that his teaching method is different than others, but in a very rational and positive sense. Jason knew he wanted to have Lawrence as his golf coach for the long run and that he needed to look no further.

This was the beginning. As time went on, Jason was able to confirm the effectiveness of “Energy First Impact Later” philosophy and principles. They started 2 YouTube channels: one in English and one in Chinese for golf instructions. They truly believe “energy first impact later” not only applies to golf, but also to life. EFIL Life had its new beginning. Truly with all the correct energy, good things are happening around the duo