Bay Rentals

GCQuad & SkyTrak Simulator Hourly Bay Rental

all hourly rate up to 4 players in a bay

GCQuad & SkyTrak practice

M-F 11a-4p     GCQuad $20/HR     SkyTrak $15/HR
M-F 4p-9p       GCQuad $25/HR     SkyTrak $20/HR

Sat.10a-9p Sun 10a-8p GCQuad $25/HR   SkyTrak $20/HR

GCQuad Course play

M-F 11a-4p $25/HR    M-F 4p-9p $30/HR

Sat.10a-9p Sun 10a-8p $30/HR

Up to 4 People per Bay
Free Golf Club Rental

Membership Card

$200 with $30 bonus = $230 value

$350 with $60 bonus = $410 value
$500 with $100 bonus = $600 value


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